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Amico Premium Barrel Steam Cleaner

Leave every corner of your home spotless with the Monster Premium Barrel Steam Cleaner. With a wide range of attachments included, this steam cleaner can handle a variety of cleaning tasks, making household maintenance easier and more versatile.


In a few seconds with the sterilizer
  • It is a multi-purpose steam cleaner
  • Lightweight fit
  • For all surfaces such as floors and carpets
  • As well as bathrooms and kitchens
  • Where the vapor pressure leads
  • Hot to more than 130 degrees Celsius To melt away dirt and stains
  • Cooking oils and greases
  • Smells and pollutants Without the need for any chemicals
  • The windows and mirrors also leave shiny
  • It leaves no traces of tissues and fibers
  • Behind it as it happens in the traditional way
The sterilizer Vapor M6 from Euroflex Certified 2 years ago From the National Asthma Board of Australia As a reliable, highly efficient business product Arduous household sterilization and disinfection.

Thermo Star Dry-Steam System

Thermostar dry steam system – very high cleanliness … With no other heat cleaner can you clean beds, upholstery, carpets and sofas as well as smooth surfaces in the kitchen, living room and office and also the interior of cars or surfaces in the garden as cleanly and hygienically as with the Thermostar dry steam system. And you can do it for a lifetime! … and environmental protection at the press of a button This is because the compact Thermostar dry steam cleaner is not only the smallest steam cleaner in its class (8 bar and up to 174 °C of hot steam), but it also has a very long service life due to the award-winning workmanship. Due to the lifelong (!) repair guarantee, you also don’t have to ever buy another steam cleaner, which means you save not only a great deal of money, but you also protect the environment.

Vapour M4 Steam Cleaner

THE TRUE ALL IN ONE STEAM CLEANER Powered with a pressurized stainless steel boiler it turns from a Steam Mop to a professional multipurpose Steam Cleaner simply in a click. As a Steam Mop, SC1M1 cleans and sanitizes every types of hard floor (marble, tile, vinyl, ceramics) and it is also the only one which is 100% safe on wood floor. Moreover, it comes with a special slide to refresh low and high pile carpet. As a Portable Steam Cleaner, SC1M1 is equipped with a full line of accessories to clean and sanitize every home surfaces including a special tool or the windows.