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ANDY STEAM IRON is a “smart” iron, allowing you to iron every kind of fabric without change the temperature gauge. Thanks to its low power consumption (less than 1700 watts in Handy Mode), Andy can be used simultaneously with another appliance such as a washing machine.

Electric Clothes Dryer with ionizer

Specialization saves time, effort and cost: With the tremendous development in the dual-task washing machine industry of washing and drying clothes at the same time, We note many questions that confirm that specialization in the drying process has priority. How long do you wait for your clothes to go through all the stages to reach the dryer ?! What to do if the clothes weigh more than the capacity of a dual-function washer? What are the guarantees that confirm the safety and readiness of your clothes! Favorite for quick ironing after coming out of the dryer ?! And many questions that confirm the continued necessity of your acquisition A separate clothes dryer ensures the safety of your valuable clothes. It is the Italian clothes dryer CD1 from Euroflex Which is developed to avoid all problems of dryers Conventional electric, And also high-tech dual-function washing machines In short, we are facing a revolutionary case for drying and sterilization.



Iron I3

The tiniest steam iron in the world

The iron with a small body but great performance.
  • Ready to use in a few seconds
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to store
  • Efficient in vertical ironing