2in1 Cordless Water Filtration Stick VC5

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Italian industry featuring exceptional floor to cleining cleaining with a hassle free bag less filter system its the ideal tool for all your quicl clean up jobs

Water filtration system
air purifier function

This patented water filtering system can filter almost 100% of the dirt particles that are found on the surfaces being cleaned. (i.e.dust,mites, bacteria, germs, pet hair, pollen, etc.). Most conventional cleaner filters cannot filter less than 0.3 microns particles, but 2in1 Cordless Water Filtration Stick VC5

can effectively trap these particles in its state of the art water filtration system preventing the particles from re-entering the room’s atmosphere


2-in-1 Stick + Handheld

Rechargeable cordless
vacuum cleaner with
standalone feature

Fit for multi-using purpose


Wide rotating angle

Flexible head can make a wide range of rotating angle

  • Front view rotating angle 90˚
  • Side view rotating angle 70˚




The high-efficiency motor module generates a super high suction power.
2in1 Cordless Water Filtration Stick VC5 's “micro intelligent chips” offers the best solution to provide a user-friendly and reliable electrical appliance for your home.

 CONTINUOUS suction power

2in1 Cordless Water Filtration Stick VC5 uses a unique patented water - filtration system. The technology prevents water from blocking the filtration system and the suction power will not be reduced compared with traditional filtering systems.



A 360 ˚ no leakage water filtration reservoir is installed in the vacuum cleaner stick. This miraculous water tank prevents water leakage during operation, even when the vacuum cleaner is placed horizontally on the floor. There is no need to worry about a wet mess on the floor!


Motoring floor brush

With individual build-in POWERFULL motor

  • 25.2V high speed & performance motorized brush
  • 52 bundles of hair on a rotatory brush in collecting the dust & particles effectively
  • Extra width floor brush (260mm) can clean a bigger area at one time
  • Improve the cleaning efficiency and save time
  • With 3 Ultrabright LED, the dust & particles are no way to hide


UV Sterilization


2in1 Cordless Water Filtration Stick VC5 has equipped with a powerful UV lamp in a reservoir. It generates the effective sterilization wavelength UV-C to sterilize the reservoir. 99.9% bacteria and other microorganisms can be killed effectively.

Sterilization can also effectively remove the odor.


Bed cleaner

House dust contains many substances, such as dust, pollen, mites, pet hair and smoke etc.…Most of them can lead to dust allergies causing difficulty in breathing, problems of wheezing, coughing, and itchiness.

The water filtration system of our Bedding tool is one of the best solutions to get rid of these substances from your bedding and pillows with its strong rolling speed at 6000 rpm.


Cleaning your car


With ALL-AROUND accessories set

Support different cleaning conditions and surfaces


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